Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TrUe Or NoT?...

Not all memories are to be remembered.Who wants to keep their bad memories right?.
Its nobody's fault that someone doesn't want to remember the past.Because the past might hurt,might be painful.

Life is not easy.Even to think about what we are gonna do next is hard.

We're all sorrounded by people.But that doesn't mean all of them are ur frens.Most probably none of them are.Might be one or two...But will that frenship last forever?..

Every single moment of our past is about learning.Learn to be better,to know people better,to fight for urself better,to know when to be there or when to leave...Be prepared to learn through ur future... ;)


Fuh..sudah sgt lame x update blog..hehe..Actually ms cuti ni agak bz..especially ms FEStKUM.FEStKUM adelah festival kebudayaan universiti2 Malaysia.Aku join zapin mewakili UMP with my other frens.Kitorg gerak dr ump 8hb disember ari tu.N kitorg gerak balik 13hb disember.

Aku sgt2 happy ms stay kt UPM.Dpt jmpe buah ati,tgk new moon,jln2 kt site n jln2 kt sekitar putrajaya.Sounds lame ke?..x kesah,jnji aku ngn buah hati aku...Nk vomit?..sile la,ni page aku... :p

Alhamdulillah,kitorg dpt gangsa utk tatarias bg kategori zapin..Kire ok la,kitorg y pompuan ni bru 1st time join FEStKUM okey..Berbaloi jgk join event ni,x pulang dgn tgn kosong...heeeee... ;)

Gmbr aku x amik lg dr nab.Soon klu aku rjin aku ltk la gmbr..haha..klu rajin...